Lazer Sword's Low Limit and Lando Kal face off

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LK starts it up, LL closes it out.

LK (Lando Kal):

Aphex Twin, “Fenixfunk 5”

Mr. James' “Analord” release series was one of the best things that ever happened to me but this song in particular has had a special place in my heart. I melt upon every listen, and that's quite often. That first break around 1:30 in is utter genius and the mixture of pad bliss instantaneously puts me in a day dream… only to come back at the drop at 2:02 and go WILD to that arpeggiated bass sequence. I could go on and on about this song but I'll stop here.

Actress, “Lost”

Ooowee, this tune is so butter and another one I listen to quite frequently, lately. The beautiful usage of bit-crushing chords at an uncommon time signature along with the amazing manipulation of the vocals is so clever.

K. Hand, “Come On Now Baby”

Yes, an oldie but goodie, and simple but so effective. This track is the epitome of groove. The “come on now baby cant ya see that I'm open wide” vocal bit can repeat for days and still shine, accompanied with the super basic house chord stabs and the faint underlining single note strings.

Teena Marie, “Portuguese Love”

Oh Teena, oohhh Teena, sing it to me gurl! She pours her heart and soul out in this classic love song. I admit, I get caught singing this song out loud pretty often. One of my all time favorite female vocalists and her voice always stands out. “Portuguese Love” along with plenty other gems is just simply unforgettable. I wish singers were still this passionate and deep these days. You just don't hear it anymore. Stunning.

Clueless, “Major Break”

Clueless is a beast and has made sooo many tunes but this is definitely one of my faves, mainly because loads of producers have used this Cassie “I've Been Thinkin Bout ” acapella. I myself did my own rendition of it about three or four years ago, (a shitty one at that, ha), around the time when the original was released, but somehow the way it's used in “Major Break” works effortlessly and is the best take on it. It's the jammy jam.

LL (Low Limit):

Jackson and his Computer Band, “Rock On”

Pretty crazy that this is from 2005, since it sounds like its from 3005. It's excusable that Jackson hardly has put a thing out since Smash, because the whole album still sounds fresh as ever; it's a masterpiece. I heard thats his mom singing on a lot of the tracks on the album. Mom inclusion on album = big thumbs up.

P-Fang, “Midnight”

Our man P-Fang in SF makes some incredibly dark dance music, on some industrial meets dirty south shit, in the graveyard, on Friday the 13th at midnight business. He should be commissioned to make the soundtrack for every single horror movie that ever happened.

Lootpack, “Whenimondamic”

Some classic underground West Coast hip hop. The video is dope, but its mostly about right at 2:49 when Mablib looks out for his bro and takes over steering wheel duty to allow Wildchild to go in fully. A true act of brotherhood.

Salem, “King Night”

Salem is fucking scary stuff, this track in particular from their new album is the one. It's like hell and church collided and erupted into an epic fireball of emotion. My girlfriend used to like their stuff but now she can't stand it because she caught them at SXSW and apparently that ruined it for her.

Tyler The Creator, “VCR”

I was hyped to see Das Racist giving a shout to the Odd Future kids in that last Selector piece, because these kids are on it right now. Grim, yet very creative teenagers from LA with all types of swag, making their own beats and videos, and really not giving a damn about anyone or anything.