Odonis Odonis present snippets of the Canadian underground

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Odonis Odonis

Odonis Odonis have released their Better EP from Buzz Records , and the trio of Dean Tzenos, Jarod Gibson, Denholm Whale made us a sampler of Toronto's scene.

Toronto has a large, diverse and incestuous music scene. There is a lot to take in. A musical flee market of greased out noise freaks, country heralds, avant-pop dreamers, hardcore vegans, and a lot more. Its made up of small groups of artists and labels, constantly crossing over one another. Everyone works together and supports each other as much as possible. Here is a snippet of what Toronto has to offer from where I am standing.

Induced Labour is ruiniting after having been broken up for couple years. This a No Trend cover off of a casette they did a while back. I feel bad about how genuinely funny I find this video. I dont know what movie this is an exerpt from but its horrifically entertaining and makes me feel sick. Wonderful, just wonderful.

This reminds me of a sun bleached weirdo local network news cast covering the most recent mutant wrestling match. The colours are vibrant and off-putting, all the characters really creep me out, and the song takes it over the edge. Its just one of those things that belongs in the internet.

I picked up a cassette EP from these guys in summer 2011 at a now defunct diy space called the garage. After picking it up I headed on tour and had it on repeat for about 4 days straight, it was one of those ‘got me at the right time’ recordings. This is their new stuff, off of a record they just put out on One Big Silence.

This Hellaluya track blends hip hop and mental really well. Its pretty straight up. The flow is solid and the beat is heavy. He gives you just enough. Awesome track.

Beliefs are a relatively new band with a dedicated 90's shoegaze sound. Josh (guitarist/vocalist) also recorded the album at his obviously great sounding studio, Candle. Their sound is huge and this video does a great job at representing the mood of the music.

Post-hardcore seems to be making waves in music again these days, and like in any genre, Toronto sets some stellar examples . Greys are the best local option I know of. On top of that you get a bad ass video done by talented local photographer, Ivy Leah. Full of guitar smashing and heavy riffage, it gets my rocks off.

This is Hussy. A sludgey dirty mess you can dance to. I have seen hussy about 63 times over the past couple years and I have thrown up every time. I cant help it. The guitar reaches into my stomach and pulls up the contents all over my chest. I spend most of the set with a string of mucous coming off of my face. Once in a while I will just shake my head feverishly to clean up but it just keeps oozing. Everytime.