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Pontiak have been faithfully recording extreme psychedelic jam albums since the mid aughts. The three brothers, who just released their seventh album Echo Ono, are embarking on a large United States tour on April 4, beginning in Raleigh and circling the lower 48. Like all Thrill Jockey records, you can listen to tracks from the new album on the label's site. Here, the band gives us all the Cory Arcangel that's fit to print; even the Whitney Museum, where the artist recently had a retrospective, didn't do as good a job of cataloguing the his YouTube hits.

I absolutely love that he put this together. Its hilarious and amazing. Lots of dudes sitting around bedrooms shredding. Yngwie has nothing on this.

The thought of cats playing Schoenberg is sort of mind blowing. But it works I think and it if you let this video seep in, you might just come away thinking that Schoenberg could have preferred the random indifference in the cats' approach to performance.

“Definitely it's not an overall anything”!!!! He is hilarious and spot on.

Super cool kinetic sculptures. I like to imagine these holding bottles of beer, glasses of wine and little snack bowls with pretzels, nuts and plates of mini-sandwiches.

Almost 14 minutes of playstation Bowling all hacked by Arcangel to throw only gutter balls. Ridiculously absurd and funny. He had an exhibit at the Whitney last year where it was shown on large screens alongside big photoshop gradients. Totally awesome.