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Porter Records was born in 2005 out of a love for crate digging in the basements of record shops. Porter’s founder, Luke Mosling, has a talent for finding the obscure, beautiful and strange recordings that may have previously gone unheard by a larger audience. This talent started the reissue portion of the Porter Records catalog.

When doing reissues, Porter works hard at creating strong relationships with the original artists or their estates. This allows Porter to respect not only the original vision of the artist and their recordings, but also to respect the vision the artist has for the future. Porter’s goal is to make these reissues more widely known and recognized as important pieces of art within their respected genres.

Porter Records is more than a reissue label. Porter has over 40 releases by modern composers and performers that bring something special to the current day music tapestry. Each release is like a hidden jewel providing its own unique color and brilliance. We're very proud to have such talented artists and a diverse catalog of genres, in a time when the music industry is pumping out replica after replica.

Porter Record's 28-track sampler

Download the individual tracks in three parts: A, B, and C.

Or, listen to the sampler in the player below, divided up into a double LP format. Links to download those chunks are below.

Porter Records Sampler Side A
01 Guido Ponzini – Aphoris
02 Pregnant – There's A River
03 Jeremiah Cymerman – Act III
04 Andrew McGraw – Mimpi
05 Jessica Pavone – Cast of Characters
06 Trawler Bycatch – Initial Melody (A Nelson Spiritual)
07 The Neather Dawn – Rise

Porter Records Sampler Side B
08 Nick Rosen – For People
09 Natural Food – Auld Lang Sine
10 Catalyst – Ain't It the Truth
11 Byard Lancaster – Miss Nikki
13 Mathew Bauder – Track B
14 Alak – Stark Fool (Straw Pyramid)

Porter Records Sampler Side C

15 (etre) – We do boring things togheter (for Philippe Sollers)
16 Chll Pll – She Owns
17 Francesco Giannico – Folkanization Act II
18 Joe Chambers – Chung Dynasty
19 Remy LBO – Donatell
20 Robby Moncrieff – Crooked Teeth
21 Zac Nelson – Jumpin Wild Eyes
22 Hexlove – Caged Heat

Porter Records Sampler Side D
23 Heikki Sarmanto – Seagull
24 Sounds of Liberation – New Life
25 Odean Pope meets the Misled Children – Ruff Seven
26 Trayer – Ladyfingers
27 Women Year – Anthropology Accepted
28 Mason Lindahl – serrated man sound