Rapid Tan Debut EP Wonderful Special Is A Bath Full of Hot Tizer

Wonderful Special

Ozzy Osbourne has brought Ozzfest back, introducing younger generations to its wholly greatness. Set to performer as headliner is the one and only KoЯn, alongside relatively-new sensations Rapid Tan. As the Rapid Tan is set to take the stage to a stellar crowd, sweat beads up on their brows. They are getting ready to enter to thousands of screaming fans, while simultaneously launching drummer Taylor from a trebuchet in the audience. Because they ultimately enjoy getting the audience involved.

Anything could happen.

What does happen is the pyrotechnics go off, the band takes the stage, and Taylor is fired in their general direction while the rest of the band–Eilidh, Billy, and Cal–says “Hello IMPOSE Readers!” in unison. Because IMPOSE is what it’s all about, and Rapid Tan knows it.

But Rapid Tan’s debut EP, Wonderful Special, is also what it’s all about. Set to release June 17, it’s a wonderful mix of pop garage sounds, with a very upbeat sound due–in part–to the punk female vocals. Their songs are fast-paced, fun, and the 5-track EP goes by entirely too fast, in our humble opinion. Wonderful Special will definitely get you in the mood to jump up in down or mosh randomly with other people in the produce aisle at the grocery store. (Because that, of course, is where you’ll be when you listen to this EP.) If Rapid Tan had it their way, you’d probably be enjoying their sound in a bath of Tizer. (Or at a storefront somewhere, as that’s clearly where they draw their primary influence.)

Don’t believe us? Check out a couple quick questions the band answered for us recently. Then go check out their work. It’ll change your life.

How did you all meet each other?

We all entered our dogs in a beauty pageant, we met there and immediately bonded over our mutual love of great dogs and the Rock ‘N’ Roll lifestyle.

“Rapid Tan” is your name because of a closed down tanning salon. Spur of the moment decision on a name, or something you considered for a while?

Spur of the moment, Taylor walked by the defunct tanning salon and exclaimed “Awwww Rapid Tan! We should call the band Rapid Tan!”.

I should also stress however that it’s also a reference to the act of “tanning” (Glasgow slang for drinking an entire beverage in one almighty gulp) as exemplified in this seminal video.

So “Spicy Govan” is a great track (and is also named after a storefront). Do you draw a lot of inspiration from stores in Glasgow?

Thank you. Absolutely, establishments are probably our biggest influence. Sometimes I just visualize iconic places like Glasgow’s Danny Singhs or the Tunnock’s Teacake Factory and immediately get new ideas for songs.

Makes sense. What inspired the “Spicy Govan” music video, by the way?

The intro of the video is inspired by the video for Rick James’ song “Glow”. Other than that it’s really just random footage of us walking around the Glasgow Necropolis and surrounding areas.

Your release show will be at The Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow. What made you choose that location for the event?

It’s a nice space and we’ve played there quite a bit before. It’s also right next to Glasgow Central train station, so it’s pretty easy for everyone to travel to.

If you could play alongside any musician–living or dead–who would it be?

Tupac Shakur, it would be good to get a couple of pints with him after the gig.

What serves as inspiration for your music?

We all listen to a lot of different stuff (generic answer) but bands like Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Number Girl, Gang of Four, Melt-Banana are probably our most obvious inspirations. We are also inspired by shops (as discussed) and money (we love it).

What do you envision as the best environment to listen to your music in? 

Either at home in a bath full of hot (44°c) Tizer, or on the go cruising around a modern metropolis, such as Glasgow.


Wonderful Special is out June 17 on Number4Door.