Sonic Gold: Q&A with Golding’s Jay Bainbridge

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Australian synth pop band levels up on dreamy single & talk collabs & musical evolution

It is time to bring it all together in preparation for the chilly season, which is certainly going to be an interesting one. That includes fresh music to support the changes to come – in nature and beyond. None provide more than the Australian synth pop duo Golding, made up of musicians Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem. The release of their latest single “Alone. Together.” and its accompanying music video directed by Rico Zhang and co-directed by Josh Dowdle, sets the dreamy tone of their sudden arrival in proper fashion.

“Alone. Together.” opens listeners’ ears to a dreamscape that spirals with a growing sense of inner conflict. It is a singular sermon of inner reconciliation in some sense. Indeed, the senses are tested here. While it is a catchy tune, the depths of its lyrical meaning are to be interpreted well into this strange 2020. The vocals are prodding one’s consciousness, but to what end? Therein lies the true conflict of the song with its Yin and Yang swirl. 

Jay gave his two cents on this new musical venture, and what’s in store for Golding down the line.

How have you evolved as an artist in 2020?

My engineering chops have improved dramatically because of all the time we are getting at home. I feel like the ideas in my head are getting closer and closer to what I am able to produce in my studio. 

Matt is the genius behind our sonic production so it’s been nice to add more of my input in that area. I find that my favourite artists are the ones who can use sonics and production to express their emotions in their music.

Has there been an escape amidst your work? 

Surfing has always been an escape for me. Being in the ocean and physically reacting to moments keeps me out of my head for a few hours. Also you can’t surf with a phone, so no one can reach you or distract you from that current moment.

What tips do you have for artists stuck in the doldrums these days?

This year we have found collaborating with new producers or artists can be the spark that leads you to something new and exciting. As uncomfortable and awkward as you might think working with a stranger on your art could be, you soon realize that moments of fear and pressure bring out something special in you that you may not have discovered on your own. Plus, you end up making some new friends which is rad.

Do you have any additional aspirations for 2021?

We have not been able to perform live obviously, so that would definitely be at the top of our list. Other than that we really just want to release all the music we are sitting on and put out a complete body of work like an album.

Has your perspective changed at all as a musician with this new single and your upcoming body of work?

Not massively, as we are still pretty fresh into this project, but with each track we write and release, I’m sure there will be growth and change.