The Birthdays on future aspirations, visual influences & new single “Baby Blur”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The rising dream pop duo’s debut EP is currently in the works

Spring is here? Honestly, it is hard to tell amidst the craziness that is the modern world. One comforting constant is the flow of new music, and The Birthdays – made up of musicians Ben Grey of Dear Boy and Jackson Phillips of Day Wave – are the ideal crew to take up such a duty. With the release of their latest single, “Baby Blur”, their ability to gift listeners a worthy distraction is more than welcome. The Birthdays are finishing up songs for their debut EP and are currently planning their very first live dates for those hoping for an escape in the future. 

An eerie yet intriguing attraction snags the listener’s ears with “Baby Blur.” The track invokes an invigorating energy that is ethereal but pleasant. The wispy vocals are dreamlike with a reminiscent taste of ’90s goth. There is a pop sensibility that will make this tune accessible to the average fan beyond its hazy quirks. Music listeners will be in an ever-lasting trance that transports them into an environment that is all too familiar yet genuinely unique. The Birthdays are honing in on their sound while at the same time picking up elements of genres spanning from an alluring assortment of alternative goodies. 

“‘Baby Blur’ was the birth of The Birthdays,” Ben shared. “The first glimpse of what this project could be…It all seems like a Postal Service origin story, save for the fact that we agreed not to finish the songs until we could be in the same room together. I’ve never had a creative experience like this and it’s been nonstop joy.”

He went on to elaborate more on their growth and upcoming endeavors.

How has this body of work fit into the world as it is today?

Only time will tell! I’m of the opinion that you should only really start something new if your intention is to be something new. The Birthdays are going to do that. 

Do you have aspirations for this year and beyond? What specifically are you looking forward to?

I’m chomping at the bit to showcase more about what this thing IS. There are some grand ambitions within the project and I think people are gonna freak out when they experience it. 

What evolution of sounds have you explored with these new bits?

Jackson is always interested in new ways of doing things and mixing up his workflow. I don’t want to give away too much without his blessing, but it’s a completely different process than what I’m used to. Tape machines, loops, samples, really interesting vintage mic techniques, and a deep study in fuzz that I find super exciting. 

Are there visual artists who help propel your aesthetic in the space?

It’s so fun because we haven’t even really started to reveal what the full world of The Birthdays is…but the visual element is a huge part…some key inspirations are the works of Peter Saville, Eric Bowman, Cindy Sherman, Karl Stoecker, Neil Kirk, Moni Haworth, Justin Daashuur Hopkins & Emilio Villalba

What advice can you give new musicians these days?

Don’t chase a trajectory. Celebrate the small victories and enjoy everything. So few people get to do this, make sure you remember how lucky you are that you can. For me, getting to create songs with my dear friend Jackson is the best part. The rest is frosting!