The Top 5: Holiday Edition

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Genius Lines of the Week, Sean Price

As we draw closer to the end of the year, we at Rap Genius like to take a minute to reflect on the important things You know — gold weaponry, sneak disses, conspiracy theories, hating Santa, and impersonating old white people. Below, the lines of the week:

5. “Trini's with me like a Labor Day parade/Been on my gold shit, all-gold grenades” – Nore, 'All Gold Everything (Molly Street Remix)' lyrics
As any regular LOTW reader knows, we love us some Nore. So we were happy to hear his appearance on a song that is puzzling to us (is it a joke? Are we just out-of-touch? What's with that dog in the video?), Trinidad James' “All Gold Everything.” Here, our favorite Lefrakian not only puns on Trinidad's name, he manages to include a bit of his brilliant absurdism with the “all-gold grenades” image.

4. “On the five, I'm running my section in this motherfucker/And me and Rock was the only gangsters on that Freshman cover” — Freddie Gibbs, 'Revenue' lyrics
Freddie Gibbs is not one to mince words. Here, he states that those other folks in XXL's 2010 Freshman class — with the notable exception of TDE's Jay Rock — are decidedly not real.

3. “'Hear that, Helen? He's tearing it up, that fella/I'd love to get my hands on those a capellas/That nigga slicker than oil on the pelican'” — Mystikal, 'Hit Me' lyrics
This line is notable solely for Mystikal's hysterical impression of what the song calls “the white people sitting up in this motherfucker.” It should be noted that this song's beat is incredible, and the tributes to James Brown throughout make us smile.

2. “I told Punch I'll probably get assassinated by the government/Reverse psychology, they gotta keep me alive/To make like what I'm saying is lies — surprise!” — Ab-Soul, 'Only 1' lyrics
Soul-O drops an incredible new track on us (with a Rap Genius shout-out — thanks, buddy!) In this rhyme, he reveals the depth of his thoughts about the government's response to his lyrics. Lest this sound absurd, remember that John Lennon himself was briefly an FBI target after he decided to write a few political songs.

1. “I don't give a shit, I ain't getting shit/I hate spitting this, plus I hate St. Nicholas” — Sean Price, 'How Sean Price Stole Christmas' lyrics
Sean P's hip-hop update on Dr. Seuss is fantastic — short, funny, and bundled with a fantastic animated video. He posits himself as a sort of Grinch of Brownsville, and the results are hysterical.