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Best of 2011 records

Well folks, the day has come and passed. We collected some 854 names in the month of January, threw them into our giant bin (see: random number generator) and pulled out the name of one lucky winner for the #GreatestMusicContestEver.

While there is a 99.9% chance you did not win, you should take solace in the fact it was won by an illustrator in Pittsburgh. Because few things scream “defying the odds” more than an artist in the Steel City. In case you missed it, here's a chunk of what she can expect. Better luck next year!

Future Islands, On the Water (CD)
White Fence, Is Growing Faith (CD)
Co La, Dial Tone Earth
Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica (vinyl)
Liturgy, Aesthetica (CD)
Woodsman, Rare Forms
Pink Skull, Psychic Welfare (vinyl)
Mirror Mirror, Interiors (vinyl)
Moss of Aura, Wading
Laurel Halo, Antenna (cassette)
Tycho, Dive (vinyl + CD)
Tonstartssbandht, Now I Am Become
Gross Magic, Teen Jamz
TRK, Work (vinyl + CD)
Fair-Ohs, Everything Is Dancing
Eternal Tapestry + Sun Araw, Night Gallery (CD)
Woods, Sun and Shade (CD)
The Peoples Temple, Sons of Stone (CD)
Dead Gaze, “Somewhere Else” (7-inch)
Chelsea Wolfe, Ἀποκάλυψις
Tim Hecker, Ravedeath, 1972 (CD)
Rangers, Pan Am Stories
Apache Dropout, Apache Dropout
Speculator, Nice
Nodzzz, Innings (CD)
M83, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Xray Eyeballs, Not Nothing
The Beets, Let the Poison Out
Widowspeak, Widdowspeak
Hail Mary Mallon, Are You Gonna Eat That?
Cloud Nothings, Cloud Nothings (vinyl)
Death Grips, Exmilitary
James Pants, James Pants
Destroyer, Kaputt (CD)
Amen Dunes, Through Donkey Jaw
Psychic Ills, Hazed Dream
Ty Segall, Goodbye Bread (CD)
Main Attrakionz, 808s & Dark Grapes II (CD)
Cult of Youth, Cult of Youth
K-Holes, K-Holes
Jensen Sportag, Pure Wet
The Soft Moon, Total Decay
Silk Flowers, Days of Arrest
Oneida, Absolute II
Fungi Girls, Some Easy Magic
Thee Oh Sees, Carrion Crawler/The Dream
Fucked Up, David Comes to Life
Gang Gang Dance, Eye Contact
Prince Rama, 15 Min. Exorcise (VHS + cassette)
Graffiti Monsters, Two Oxen (cassette)
Al Lover, Satanic Tambourines (cassette)
GDFX, One Thing (vinyl)


Gospel of Anarchy by Justin Taylor
Stories V! by Scott McClanahan
Best Behavior by Noah Cicero
Family Fang by Kevin Wilson
Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson