Chris Brown, H. Potter's dick, McRib locator

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Chris Brown with pitbull, Harry Potter naked, McRib sandwich

All the shit that's fit to link.

Next time you get the munchies after a night of bong hitting, you now know where to find a McRib.

Sufjan Stevens is a “fucking genius.”

Tom Cruise is a “fucking loony.”

A Sunny Day in Glasgow going on a “fucking tour.”

We get to see Harry Potter's “fucking penis.” (Again.)

Pierced Arrows are signing to Vice. Garage band Thursday awesomeness.

Chris Brown is on the cover of the soon to be Vibe Magazine “return issue”. We get it, the magazine and the star are both experiencing comebacks. Who will Vibe beat to celebrate?

Monitor Mix loves Sic Alps.

Weird Al is smarter than you.