El Nou Mon, Fuck Your Bad Vibes, Bro

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el nou mon

El Nou Mon is the glitch-tronica, sometimes dance, other times ambient, project of Anthony Arroyo. Of the attractive elements enclosed in El Nou Mon, the so-So Cal album title, Joni Mitchell samples (shhh), the free download-ness, the most engaging to me is the poetic liner notes.

I never truly considered how vital the ocean is to Los Angeles until I read Arroyo's words, nor considered nature's rebellion on our stucco rows as the California hills burn down once a year. Joni sung about paving paradise and Arroyo took it to heart, but thanked the ocean for cutting the sprawl short. Perhaps the next record will thank the desert to the east for trapping LA or thank Bakersfield for being too depraved to crawl north?

Download El Nou Mon's Fuck Your Bad Vibes, Bro here.

El Nou Mon, “Bummer Solstice”