FRND, “Friend”

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FRND has been working behind the scenes as a successful platinum-selling producer for many phenomenal acts for quite some time, but now he’s harnessing his talents into his own work. He recently signed to Crooked Pantings to release an EP of his own, and we’ve got the premiere of his latest single “Friend” to share with you.

The beginning of the song sounds like it might turn into an experimental, staccato sounding track. And then the light bass drops, turning it into a tranquil backtrack to a very intricate narrative with clear, light vocals. It’s a bittersweet take on reality, discussing an often all-too-taboo topic. FRND’s voice glides softly along as layers of intensity flow in and out. At times, it’s like a lullaby. At others, it’s a dance track. I guess that’s up for us to decide.

I wrote ‘friend’ about making the awkward yet necessary decision to cut someone out of your life for your own well-being,” elaborates FRND. “I wanted the music to sound upbeat and pleasant while having the concept be more sarcastic and melancholy. In this case, I asked my friend to ‘wingman’ me in a situation with a woman and instead he proceeded to do the opposite. I pretty much wanted to make an anthem for ‘breaking up’ with a friend.”