Garrett Pierce, "Distant Thought"

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Garrett Pierce has a life full of stories to tell.


A rich history in California, Garrett Pierce in the early 2000s wrote for magazines and played in a few rock bands before moving from LA to the Bay area. His first full-length album Like A Moth was a stripped down acoustic affair with guest appearances by notable songwriters Jolie Holland and Matt Bauer.
Garrett then set off for touring in Europe where he was able to support Nick Cave in Greece. With a pocketful of songs, he returned to make All Masks on Crossbill Records — a lush album recorded in the gold rush town of Columbia, CA, featuring strings, wind instruments and a cast of over ten musicians.
“Distant Thought” is off Dusk, the forthcoming, February 17th release from Garrett Pierce also on Crossbill Records.
Here’s what Garrett had to say about Dusk:

“When asked about my influences I’ve always been more apt to cite Richard Brautigan, John Steinbeck or Ernest Hemingway than a contemporary songwriter. But more recently, I’ve looked back on musicians who were able to combine poignant, dark lyrical content with a melodic backbone like Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, and Joni Mitchell. The album has a story arch which benefits from unbroken listening. The first song begins in the crisp dawn air, and ends with me packing my bags at Dusk.”


In what is best captured by East Bay Express as “solemn folk”, “Distant Thought” is highly dramatic and reflective on experience.
Championing storytelling with a clean, methodical acoustic presentation, the intentionality in each inflection carries the weight of the sadness and reflection. 4/5.


You can find Garrett Pierce’s larger collection of music on his Bandcamp page, and get updates and announcements on his Facebook.