Hoax, "Scooby"

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Hailing from Long Island, NY, the five-piece indie suit HOAX. Consisting of Michael Raj (vocals), Frantz Cesar (Bass), Kevin Lopez (Guitar), Jacob Lopez (Drums), and Paul Brower (Guitar), the band met and formed at Hofstra University.
HOAX has that unrepeatable sound in their music indeed, as we hear “Scooby” there’s that deep and permanent bass line which resonates within our chest and immediately works its way down to our dancing feet. Combine the bassline with the creative pop dynamics in the vocals, and you get a soulful and passionate track. 

“Scooby” is like a genius experiment, it has that one of a kind sensation to it. Right off the bat, our hips will most likely start to sway in sync with the music that we are hearing.