Lapyear with the new single "Dry"

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The London based group Lapyear releases a grooving and dynamic sound in the new single “Dry” from their upcoming EP Comfort Underwater. We can hear influences crafted in their own creative ways from bands like  Turnover, Neck Deep or maybe even Seahaven. We also won’t be able to dismiss the distinct vocal direction from bands like Oasis and Blur. Lapyear essentially brings a new contemporary idea to today’s Brit-Pop scene.

Chris, the frontman for the group talks about the new upcoming EP,

“The whole EP ended up being about finding stability in some way, shape or form, being it with yourself or someone close to you. ‘Dry’ is about not having the ability to give someone the emotional stability they’re looking for as you don’t have it in you to even give it to yourself. When you listen to the EP from front to back, everything makes much more sense.”


 The comfort we feel that is emitting from the track “Dry” is sentimental. Lapyear is a concoction of homely tonalities with vocals that can easily pacify us. The equanimity and level of maturity these musicians possess makes Lapyear stand out from other current Indie pop/Emo artists.