Shetland Ponies, Frank Zappa, Grand Theft Pynchon

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All the shit that's fit to link.

What if there were miniature bears that you could have as pets like
they have miniature horses or shetland ponies or whatever they're called
?” For the record, they are indeed called Shetland Ponies, you fucking stoner.

Neil Gaiman has to be one of the top three or four coolest motherfuckers on the planet.

In other comic nerd awesomeness, “Frank Zappa as if drawn by Jack Kirby“.

Jewish people and their handwriting.

Dear Arthur, thank you for this album of late 60's electric gospel. I love you always.

Nerd World discusses Grand Theft Auto and Thomas Pynchon. I think I get it?

Chicago might be the place where the biggest douchebag of the year lives.

The dude who wrote The Adderall Diaries has a conversation with Gawker.

Tao Lin wrote a story called “Conor Oberst Sex”.