Loud + Clear's 10-yr Anniversary

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Loud + Clear founder Brad Lee is a self-proclaimed “poor salesman” when it comes to self-promotion of his label. We imagine it was terribly difficult for him to even click “send” on the email announcing his label's 10-year anniversary – but, we're grateful he did. We got it from here, Brad.

Based out of San Diego, Loud + Clear ranges from the twangy alts of John Meeks to the 90's nostalgia-alts of Mrs. Magician and Writer; although L+C's first record was a post-hardcore release from Prizefight (later to become Comfortable for You). It's a DIY, one-man operation (that man being Brad) with a catalog that sounds like simpler times are still out there. In its 10 years of living, Loud + Clear has released records by Black Heart Procession, Chairs Missing, Via Satellite, Goodbye Blue Monday and Manuok.

If you're in San Diego this weekend, you can celebrate with Brad and his L+C brethren at Casbah on Saturday and Luce Loft (all ages) on Sunday. If you're not in San Diego, we've got you covered with a mixtape of L+C's greatest hits.

Loud + Clear's 10 Year Anniversary Tape:
01 Writer, “Miss Mermaid – from the Miss Mermaid 7″ (2011)
02 Mrs. Magician, “The Spells” – from the The Spells 7″ (2011)
03 Comfortable For You, “Sonny Jim” – from the My Entire Life is a Lie EP (2006)
04 John Meeks, “Been Down By Love” – from the Old Blood LP (2010)
05 Black Heart Procession, “From The Shores of a Washed Up Heart”
06 John Meeks & Joanie Mendenhall, “Sometimes Love” – from the From My Grave EP (2011)
07 Goodbye Blue Monday, “The World Won't Listen” – from the The World Won't Listen LP (2010)
08 Chairs Missing, “To The Hills” – from the To The Hills 7″ (2011)
09 Manuok, “Happy Cause” – from the self-titled LP (2005)
10 Via Satellite, “Close As I Can” – from the Cities Are Temples LP (2005)

Download the mixtape here.

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