Peaking Lights, Space Primitive c20

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peaking lights space primitive c20

After Peaking Lights’ amazing LP release last year, more than a few people were excited for their newest release, selling out as quickly as it was put down to tape it seems. The excitement could be scaled back a notch when you find out that the material is not really new, it’s a one-sided c20, features cover art reminiscent of stoned noodlings in health class and is way more expensive than it should be considering the medium it is released on. Despite these disappointing attributes, it’s unadvertised, super-quick selling out speaks to the greatness of this band.

Much of this release sounds like outtakes from their LP, Imaginary Falcons, their rolling style coming together into a more focused groove without losing any of the weirdness or experimentation they are known for. It does rock a little harder in some parts, but the basic combination of cathartic female vocals, gently oscillating and squelching fuzzy guitar patterns alongside grooving rhythms that push through the dusty din is neither confused nor over-stuffed.

The duo’s ability to combine seemingly disparate genres into their own fresh take on a modern sound is obviously growing in confidence and dynamism. If you haven’t heard them go check out the Imaginary Falcons LP, but for everyone else this will serve as a nice whetting of the appetite for their next full-length.

While I've already expounded my feelings on releases like this, it does have the benefit of being sold out quick as dick, so at least I can hook you bros up with a download link. Originally release out on Fuck It Tapes.