Rain on Monday "Kill My Love"

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The new musical project from Raimond Nurmilampi and producer Thomas Harsem. It all began in a small hometown in Kiruna, Sweden where Raimond started to write music for what eventually became Rain on Monday. He spent many long hours here during the beauty that winters tide brought. Later, Raimond moved to the southern part of Sweden to the city Uppsala where he finally met the talented producer, Thomas Harsem. Resulting in collaboration in April 2017, the magnetic duo released the new single “Kill My Love” as a perfect example to show just what these two are capable of producing together.

Raimond Nurmilampi tells us what inspired him to write the new single,

“I usually say that “Kill My Love” is a simple song about unanswered love. The song is built around the lyrics “Can you kill my love if I can not be with you” that came to me while I was strumming on the guitar. I wanted to describe in a different way the feeling of unhappy love that I think many people have experienced and can relate to. Another thing I like about the song is the mix between the sad with a glimpse in the eye lyrics and the quite cheerful music.”

“Kill My Love” is a potent recollection of a late 70’s and early 80’s pop song. The scintillating pop melody manifests in our brain and out through our ears from the unforgettable timbre of the tenor Raimond. “Kill My Love” will sit you down for a euphoric carousel ride while you reminisce about your bittersweet emotions.