Teen Body – “Act Yr Age”

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Brooklyn dream-pop band go medieval in stunning new video

Earlier this year, Brooklyn dream-pop band Teen Body released their sophomore LP Dreamo, one of the best albums of the year so far. Expansive and intimate all at once, Dreamo is packed with soaring melodies, shoegazy production, shimmering synths and guitars, and poignant moods. One of the highlights of the record was the rousing six and a half minute anthem “Act Yr Age.” Today, Teen Body has shared that track’s crafty, visually stunning DIY music video.

“Act Yr Age” is a searing, dreamy track that ebbs and flows in hypnotic ways, and the video clip encapsulates this in amusing animated/live-action hybrid fashion. The low budget visuals are absolutely enthralling, and here, the backdrop is a medieval world full of ghoulish court jesters, elves, sorcerers and magical battles in trippy castles. The members of Teen Body all portray these wacky characters in full costumes and make-up, intercut with shots of them locked away in a tower and performing the track. Beautifully directed by Babe E., the video is captivating and hilarious and perfectly conveys the song’s earnest spirit with eye-popping aplomb.

Teen Body’s Dreamo is out now via Broken Circles. You can purchase that album HERE, and watch the amazing video for “Act Yr Age” below.