Tunnelview release the new long awaited single "Easy Way"

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Kansas City locals Zach Thomas and Bradley Peters formed Tunnelview last year around October, with the hopes of bringing something new to the mainstream music scene. Meeting each other originally back in 2014 in a project called Vacation House, the duo stuck with each other ever since. With their own unique blend of synth pop/funk and hip hop influences, the newly released and FIRST single “Easy Way” is more than just a electronic jaunt. No release date announced for when the new album will be put out, but we can expect a few more singles to be released this Summer.

I personally sat down with Zach and Bradley over a late breakfast, and ended up asking them both a handful of questions. Read below!

So, when did you guys begin playing instruments and what really inspired you to do so?

Zach: Well my dad was a sound guy in college, he ran sound for the Christian rock band Malachi. He also worked as a DJ for a Christian Radio station where I was born in Maryland, just out side of Washington DC. The radio station was called WCTN. I developed a love for music at an early age. When I was 14 I started playing the drums mainly both because they were exiting to watch and to play.

Bradley: At age 11 my grandpa passed away and got to keep his guitar. I remember sitting it in the corner and it sat there for about 3 years, and when I turned 14 I started to frequently play it. At about 19 I remember I suddenly had the motivation to start writing. So my grandpa sorta kick started my music career.

“Before we decided to start Vacation House I was pretty much ready to give up on music and focus on a professional career. Brad asked me to hang out and talk music, and by the end of the night we had taken some mushrooms and spent the whole night just talking what we wanted out of life. That was when I decided that there was never really any other option for me other than being an artist.”


If you can remember back, what did you grow up listening to?

Zach: I remember the first CD I ever owned was the album Mmhmm  by Relient K. Then it was They Might Be Giants, Daniel Amos, The Smiths, Johnny Near, Death Cab For Cutie, and of course the oldies with pops.

Bradley: For me it was the classics like, The Beatles, Prince then later I got into like Brand New, Radio Head.

What Albums/Singles or icons influence your sound?

Both: Porches and Phoenix really inspired the new album as well as bands like: Aphex Twin, Blood Orange, Bruno Mars, Kendrick, Empire of the Sun, Starfucker, Homeshake, David Bowie.

What Motivates you to keep working in this industry?

Zach: Being really critical of the industry, I come to realize not to be upset about somethings and to just keep contributing. Try to make some sort of impact and give people something that they would like to hear.

Bradley: I do have an optimistic hope for artists. That art is having a renaissance in a way even though it is over saturated.

If you could give some solid advice to any musician just starting out what would you tell them?

Both: Don’t be afraid to create and put out something that you think sounds bad, just be as creative as you can be and stay positive.

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