Wajatta, "Runnin'"

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Multi-talented comedian, instrumentalist, and bandleader for CBS’ Late Late Show with James Corden Reggie Watts is a master of improvisation. Dubbed “the most influential absurdist in comedy today” by the New York times, Watts excels at infusing music into his comedy act. For his most recent project though, music is the primary focus. Watts has collaborated with producer John Tejada on Wajatta, an electronic-leaning music duo.
Naturally, the group’s first production, the sunny “Runnin’” was a result of a veritable jam session between Tejada and Watts. I explained that I love to work improvisationally and quickly in the moment,” Watts said about the track. “John fortunately has a fast mind and also works in this way so as soon as we started recording it just worked immediately; me being able to just flow what was in my head in response to his music and him locking onto that and crafting something great around/with it.”
The pair crafted a record that sounds just as fun as Watts remembers the live session being. Wajatta has more music coming, much of it coming from a process in which of Tejada takes Watts’ live loops and adds his own flourishes to the production.
“Runnin’” will be available for purchase on December 1st, but in the meantime, you can stream below.