Africa Hitech, Jonwayne + Dibia$e

Post Author: Julia Marino

Africa Hitech brought LA beat scientist Jonwayne along for the West Coast leg of the Surefire Sound Tour and enlisted Sacramento’s Dibia$e to set the evening off. It was a sleepy head Tuesday in Sacramento, as most of the paying customers opted to plant and head nod through the sets, rather than partake in the usual dancing melee that typically happens at Townhouse. It had a hip hop show vibe, which escalated when Jonwayne opened by freestyling over Dibia$e’s beats before launching into his solo beat set. Africa Hitech’s breakneck grime and UK garage snapped a few sleepy heads into movement. Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek proved their professionalism in flawless mixing, even behind the cool of white sunglasses.