Black Marble and YOU. fall tour

Post Author: , Joseph Jagos

Last November, beloved NYC band Black Marble hit the road with YOU. for a short tour. Both bands were kind enough to document their experience for us in the above photo set. They asked photographer Joseph Jagos to come along for the ride.

Black Marble will be playing west coast shows next month and those dates are provided below.

Date: Feb 14, 2013
Venue: Chop Suey
City: Seattle,WA

Date: Feb 15
Venue: Le Voyeur w/ Broken Water
City: Olympia, WA

Date: Feb 16th
Venue: The Know w/ Bellicose Minds
City: Portland, OR

Date: Feb 17th
Venue: East End w/ Vice Device and Lighthouse
City: Portland, OR

Date: Feb 18th
Venue: Tinys tavern
City: Eugene, OR

Date: Feb 19th
Venue: Origami Lounge w/ Gentlemans Coup

Date: Feb 20th
Venue: St. Clair Theater w/ Tuxedo Gleam, Zanna Nera, RedRedRed
City: Modesto, CA

Date: Feb 21st
Venue: Lobot Gallery w/ Chasms, Believe, Black Jeans
City: Oakland, CA

Date: Feb 22st
Venue: Submission
City: San Francisco, CA

Date: Feb 23rd
Venue: TBA w/ Cold Showers
City: San Diego, CA

Date: Feb 24th
Venue: The Echo w/ Cold Showers, Flaamingos
City: Los Angeles, CA

Like their music, these two went digital with their photos.