Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival at The Yard

Post Author: , Nate Dorr + Sam Horine

The somewhat grandiosely named Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival was unusual mostly for context: a DJ-heavy dance party, but set outdoors in a stand of canal-side trees at the Yard, on a cool summer afternoon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, things took some time to really get moving, with earlier audiences content to sip Sangria in the shade and just let the cuts of Baltimore Club and Les Gillettes mix favorites sweep by them in the breeze, but even then, the live acts scattered throughout pulled listeners out of their seats (Lismore’s sleek new wave cuts, culminating in a cover of “Whip It!”, and later Purple Crush). By the end, sun dropping, things finally seemed to reach full potential of bodies in motion, but by then I was working the bar, so you’ll have to make do without photographic evidence of that part.