Dark Dark Dark at Sycamore

Post Author: , Sahara Shrestha

Crusties who play ballads, what’s not to love?

It’s rare I find myself gushing about music with such an emotional tenor, but it’s hard not to love the earnest innocence of a band like Dark Dark Dark. Literally a traveling troubadour of crust punks, they play gypsy-inspired folk ballads — if folk is allowed to include a heavy reliance on the accordion and no acoustic guitar to speak of.

In between boasts of swimming on the shores of Roosevelt Island at 2am or hitting every United State (except Hawaii and the Dakota’s) between this and their previous New York visit a mere seven months ago, they kept me entranced with their hard-spun tales of love lost. Seems I’m not the only one who’s noticing. Hooves on The Turf posted audio from this same show and Todd Seelie captured this amazing show they did floating upon the rivers of Venice on an incredible raft-turned-art installation (scroll down to the bottom, it doesn’t have it’s own link).

Too bad. Dark Dark Dark is the kind of band you want to be your dirty little secret, because it’s inevitable the world will soon know about them.