Impose issue 31 release party at Glasslands

Post Author: , Scott Bintner

With Aa + Team Robespierre + Frustration + Plexi3 + LiveFastDie.

It was the night before Bastille Day and Impose’s mag release party played out like a revolutionary collapse into nonsense and depravity. What began with the uninhibited innocence of LiveFastDie’s punk rock and Plexi3’s pop-punk flat-lined on the Ian Curtis deadpan of Frustration, leaving the rabble susceptible to Team Robespierre’s violently rousing dance punk. Aa closed us out like an insane vanguard, spouting arcane paradoxes and slipping subliminal messages beneath the hammering of their elite percussive brigade.

Thanks to brilliant planning on the part of the Impose planning bureau, no official cameramen were sponsored to document the proceedings. Left to rely on the formidable skills of Friend of Band Man Scott Bintner, we seem to pay particular attention to Team Robespierre, the outfit that packed the house and threatened to bring it down… at least the upper balcony section of it, which, flimsy in the first place, was used as an escape ladder for band and audience members who risked the dangerous crowd surfing over drunk skinny kids banging around underneath.