Impose Tour, 2

Post Author: Nate Dorr

[St. Louis, during the Missouri floods.]

[St. Louis]

[Upon arrival to a new city, it takes Nate Dorr three minutes or less to find railroad tracks. These are in Knoxville.]

[Someone’s office, Knoxville]

[Sweet graf piece, Knoxville]



[Boutique owners, Tampa]

[Cop on the prowl, Tampa]

[Spring Break, Tampa]

[Creepily eying locals, Hudson Beach, outside Tampa]

[Hudson Beach]

[Hudson Beach]

[Hudson Beach]

[Amber, Clermont strip club, Atlanta: “When I got into town and started looking for work, they told me I was too fat and old to strip, but then I found the Clermont and now I make $400 to $800 a week.”]

[Diane, Clermont strip club, Atlanta]

[Junkyard, Atlanta]

[Junkyard, Atlanta]

[Tracks, Atlanta]

[Underpass, Atlanta]