Nate Dorr

{ When Nate Dorr isn’t galloping through the boroughs taking photos, he writes about obscure movies in Sunken Cinematheque. }

Nate Dorr's Posts

The Symptoms (Laurie Anderson, Kid Millions, and Tony Diodore) at Market Hotel

A supergroup in every sense of the compound word.

The southeast shore of Staten Island

Two years after Superstorm Sandy, the south east shore of Staten Island needs rebuilding.

The shores of College Point

Photographer Nate Dorr explores College Point, NY before it’s developed into the next great neighborhood.

Domino Sugar Factory in 2007

Another aspect of changing Williamsburg.

Three days at Death by Audio

Nate Dorr visits Death by Audio a final time before they closed their doors. Well, make that three times.

SXSW 2014 Preview

We know the locations of SXSW 2014's hottest showcases today.

More People of SXSW 2013

Our second set of portraits taken at this year's SXSW in Austin.

Brooklyn to Austin

Traveling from Brooklyn to Austin and photographing the buildings in between.

South by South West by Nate Dorr

One man runs around Austin armed with a camera for three days. That man was Nate Dorr.

The People of SXSW 2013

Portraits of some of the people we came across while in Austin for SXSW 2013.

Night 1: Deniro Farrar, Jonwayne, Fat Tony, Milo and more

The 2013 Austin Imposition begins with a night of hip hop performances.

Alan Watts, Future Shuttle, Gem Trails, and more at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

The trio known as Alan Watts curated a show at Big Snow the final Friday of December 2012.

Ballet of Blood

Andrej Zulawski's neon Parisian underworlds of philosophic pulp-Dostoevsky.

Gulliver in Wonderland

Chasing illusory ideals in the floating castles of the Czech New Wave.

Convulsive dreaming: The films of Peter Tscherkassky

Tscherkassky's brilliant experimental filmmaking is founded on three recurring principles.

Important Comics gets a book release

Sad, and, you know, funny.

Adventures in Estonian Space Synth

Exploring the psychedelic film-making of Avo Paistik and Sven Grünberg's weirdo sonics.

Kayo Dot gracefully smash your windows

Far back on a rocky crag, a chapel lies discarded…

Impose Holiday Party Photos, 2010

Mrs. Claus landed for some photo ops.


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