The Natural History Museum! The clean streets of the Upper West Side!

Before the show, everyone was shuttled through the empty museum…

To the brain exhibit!

The audience-to-be viewed the gorgeous exhibit on how the human brain supposedly works while waiting for the Light Show to begin.

If you didn’t know this going in, I’m not sure what you thought you were about to see…

Joshua Light show was started in the 60s by Joshua White, and was in residence at The Fillmore East through the 70s.

Think Ken Kesey, acid trips, and Jimi Hendrix…

A time, to me, that represents a high point in American music and culture. Joshua Light show mixed art, drugs, and music perfectly.

And I thought back to the last time I had seen Joshua Light Show, with Woods almost exactly one year prior.

Nostalgia is a big problem for me as a music-lover- Why can’t the scene be like it was then, with Janis and Bob and Patti?

Watching Woods play last year to the swirls and drips allayed my anxieties- our bands are just as good (and just as trippy).

Joshua Light Show in a planetarium was an entirely different beast.

Surrounded by light and sound (that was far more intricate and orchestral than the rock bands of my previous JLS experience), the brain was tricked into synesthesia (hence the appropriateness of the brain exhibit before the show).

The effect was gorgeous…

And haunting…

But my nostalgic side was yearning for some good ole fashioned acid rock.

Though I can think of a few things that would have made it even more playful for my brain…

Sadly, I think Meredith’s and my DARE education worked too well on us…

Because as the show ended…

As we applauded Joshua White’s incredible images and the moving music, Meredith and I had one thought in common…


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