And I (Madalyn) threw my own blog’s 2 Year Anniversary Party in the new location just this January. Shea really is a magical institution.

You’ve got your hippie pants college aged looking kid

And your hat-wearing married fellow (he took off his hat later, and the band became instantly better)

The picture-snapping girlfriend (wife?)

And the chain-wearing drummer. Obviously.

These fascinating on-lookers become important to our story soon.

Meredith isn’t kidding. These kids look good together. Grand Rapids has serious potential.

I always love an impressive and talented female bass/guitar player. She switched back and forth throughout the set.

This adorable gent is their lead singer and sounds just like Ezra Furman (Bob Dylan).

I didn’t manage to capture a good photo of the guitarist or drummer. They both had wide-open eyes, deer in the headlights faces the entire set, yet somehow didn’t seem nervous. 100% endearing.

A So So Glo looks on

If we were stereotyping people into high school selves, high school Madalyn would have had a huge crush on this kid.

And this guy completed the package. A solid guitar player and welcome juxtaposition to the seriousness of the singer/drummer combo.

I’m not sure anyone in So So Glos is actually old enough to have fathered anyone in Balkans (maybe, who knows)…

But after an evening of young talent, you really felt the experienced energy when the So So Glos took to the stage.

I can’t really imagine what the Brooklyn scene would be like without them.

This was a show to celebrate the end of their record contract. A grown up band indeed.

But not really so grown up. Exuberant punk, the best thing about which is the expectation for their live show…

I’ve seen this band at least ten times, and I’ve never seen them without a happily moshing crowd in front of them.

I can’t fathom how much relentless positivity and incredible stage presence it must have taken to build up that kind of audience-

One that comes out in full force whether they play on a Saturday or a Tuesday

No matter how often (very often) they seem to play.

The So So Glos embody the best things about the Brooklyn scene – having fun where you live. Music that’s experiential, that you can’t understand just from downloading their album online. They’re a band that very much lives in the real, live, scene. A band that is arguably the very heart of it.


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