Scapescape 2012: Friday Report

Post Author: , Valerie Paulsgrove

Scapescape 2012 continues! Friday our intrepid photographer Valerie Paulsgrove trekked out to several venues to bring us these photos.

She explains the B1K photos a bit more here:

B1K was a cover of Guided by Voices' Bee Thousand album, with the same bassist/ drummer/ guitarist for each song and they had no vocalist planned. They just had random singers either from other bands or people from the audience. this is why it looks like a free for all and you will find no record of this band anywhere. The drummer is Jimmy MacMillan who currently runs Friends Records; this is the only time he will ever perform on stage, or so he said. They played at Windup space.

Scapescape 2012 continues! Friday, Friday, Friday!