Debut: Catherine Irwin, “Save Our Ship”

Freakwater's Catherine Irwin is preparing to release her first solo record in a decade and premieres the video for her plea, "Save our Ship". Like a country baptismal down at the creek, the sinking vessel is represented through a water logged acoustic used by Irwin like a pail to save a metaphorical Titanic of the soul. Moving from the backwoods to a saloon counter stage; Irwin is helped out by a couple of local violin savvy barflies while sporting the occaisional Pussy Riot approved orange balaclava in between impromptu DIY-sea-freighter-shadow-puppet shows.

Catherine Irwin's new album Little Heater comes outs September 18 from Thrill Jockey with a record release show Saturday, September 22 at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, KY.