Debut: Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, “Dumb Love”

Two-time Australian Music Prize nominee Jack Ladder, along with his band The Dreamlanders, have read the Book of Love cover to cover a dozen times over. It makes Mr.Ladder is wise enough to know some lovers need to gain experience, which is just what this song is about.

Jack Ladder must not have had a grandmother that told him not to make funny faces because if the wind changes it will get stuck that way – a few times during the video we feared it might have. Beneath the simplicity, the humor, and at times the uncomfortably horrific, in the video for "Dumb Love" is an atmospheric rock song bearing touchtones of Nick Cave and a bit of 80's romanticism. "Dumb Love" is from Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders' Hurstville record, an album that's seeing a U.S. release courtesy of Holloweyed Records. How this love got so dumb, in lack of experience or just being incorrect in every manner, is left ambiguous on "Dumb Love". Jack lists a whole lot of nothings, which feels as though even in his efforts to correct these misguided emotions, he's got even fewer answers. Maybe we were wrong and Jack Ladder bought the cliff notes to the Book of Love.

Hurtsville is out now on Holloweyed.