The Chris Gethard Show: Who Needs A Haircut?

Post Author: , Andrew Bisdale

How does one explain “The Chris Gethard Show” to someone who has not watched it before? Well, it's a public access television show in which comedian Chris Gethard gets a full hour to do whatever he wants. For the 90th episode of “The Chris Gethard Show” on Wednesday, May 8th, he invited comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis to come to his show and help him (and other cast members) dole out haircuts to surprisingly willing audience members. Sounds weird, right? Well, that didn't stop people from signing up and getting one-of-a-kind haircuts in front of a live studio audience. We're pretty sure the woman who had Zach cut her hair immediately regretted volunteering to do so once he put scissors near her scalp. But we think she kind of deserved it.

Photographer Andrew Bisdale was graciously invited to attend the May 8th taping and take photos during this episode. His photo set from the show is available above and you can also view the full episode here. The band Wojcik also performed songs during the show.

“The Chris Gethard Show” airs every Wednesday night and for more from Andrew, please visit his website.

Who needs a haircut? If you're thinking, "I do!" well, you're probably wrong.