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Trouble in Mind's latest treasure trove

A brick of sound from folks who brought you Ty Segall and Fresh & Onlys singles.

MPLS LTD, scratchin' us right where we itch

Yes heavily effected space-rock.

Two of the best singles of the year! Bonus supergroup!

Some absolute gems hiding under rocks in this sea of mediocrity. (Best Coast, really?)

God and Hair – Heater

Makes you wish that endless summers were a reality.

Rococo Records

Another top-notch label in Chicago's stellar phonographic records producing arsenal.

Void Vision, Dead Wife, Leather

Bad bummertime vibes to help shock you out of your sunshine comas.

La Corde, Wet Illustrated, Tonstartssbandht

It's all tantamount to getting fucked in the ass with a unicorn horn.

MV+EE best tracks, ever

Plus: Lemon Dots, Astral Social Club, Vibravoid

We Are Scientists, Tusk Lord, First Base

Now for some honest-to-goodness pop jams.

Timmy's Organism, Charles Albright, The Liminanas

Time to crank up the hibachi, unearth the cooler and bring you some summer party jams.

Record Store Day picks

Exclusive download of the Moon Duo/Bitchin' Bajas 7-inch!

Esben and the Witch, Broken Water, Dead Leaf Echo

This week, a grip of 'gazers of various stripes.

Shark Toys, Florida, Native Cats

This update was ready to roll before we went down to SXSW for some BBQ, booze and barfing, but we forgot to send it.

To the future!

Dispatches from the cold electro tundras of the year 3010, with Death Domain, Right Thant, and Frank Alpine.

The (original) Mystery Girls, Chainsaw Kittens, Cherubs

We've jumped into the Wayback Machine for another time capsule installment of TSC.

Tortured Tongues, Rank/Xerox, Big Rats

Each of these singles were self-released by the bands themselves, so if you like what you hear, make sure to head over/out and support them.

Nothing People, Matt Wilga, Mickey

We look forward to a new decade filled with feverish debauchery and more singles than you can shake a stylus at.

Singles roundup 2009

Lifting the rocks of 2009 for gems we'd left in the cold.

Black Acid, Salem and Sharp Ends

We've been on a bit of a hiatus, but we're back to the old ultraviolence just in time for you to fill your stockings with some choice 7" wax platters.


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