Spencer Davis

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Generifus, “Extra Bad”

Talking to Neil Corcoran about his Majical Cloudz documentary A Lot of Humans

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Destiny, “Orange Blossom”

Nicholas Nicholas, ” Because Of Fire At The Paper Manufacturer” b/w “Call Me Number Five”

Cold Showers, “Plantlife”

Fennesz and King Midas Sound, “Waves”

Spencer Radcliffe, “Mia”

Parquet Courts sign to Rough Trade, announce EP, tour

Air Waves, “Horse Race”

SALES, “Big Sis”

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Shellshag Premieres Season 2, Episode 10 of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision

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Advance Base, “Pamela”

Heathers, “Downtown Cop”

Mal Blum is giving away their music (again) for free (for one day)

Ought, “Beautiful Blue Sky”

Talibam! and Foxes in Fiction to play SOUND + VISON series

Izzy True, “Absolute Troll”

Heptagames Return To Catskills July 18 and 19

Vacation, “The Heat”

Turnip King, “Metonymy”

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The Sediment Club, “Psychosymplistic, Psychosymplastic Here!”

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Kill Alters release video for “D20”

Bellows’ May 5-12 Tracks Are Now Collected on Bandcamp


Big Neck Police’s Paco Cathcart drops new EP as The Cradle

Laika’s Orbit Drops Summer Promo Tape for $1000

LVL UP to Tour US, Release Three-Track EP

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The Strange Sounds of Activism at The Kitchen’s S/N

In London, a call from Heems for solidarity

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OK Fest returns, unveils lineup