Alison Clancy, Psycho Tyko

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Her debut solo album, Psycho Tyko comes from Alison Clancy, and is a true labor of love. Find its release today, blending alt-pop, grunge, and psychedelic disco, Alison cannot be put in a corner. A well-rounded performer, Psycho Tyko draws influence from dancing with The Metropolitan Opera, writing for Swedish theater companies, and playing DIY shows in Brooklyn with her band.

A sonic, reality-twisting production, Psycho Tkyo is an intimate and volatile journey. Leading track “Waste My Days” is a sonic-pop melody putting Clancy’s vulnerable lyrics clearly on display. Even heart-pounding creations like “Psycho Tyko” give you a false sense of certainty around what kind of music Alison is capable of putting together. At every corner, there’s something new and incredibly different.

“ET Phone Home” is an album standout, featuring scratchy, faded electronica. The total experience is one of discovery, landing on gems like the vocal, guitar powerhouse found within “French”, putting a light touch on an impassioned production. Psycho Tyko as a whole ascends to a level of excellence that hadn’t fully caught my attention until nearing the end of the album. It’s at this point it hits you with a ton of bricks.