The Seedy Seeds, Count The Days

Kelsey Bryant

The Seedy Seeds, Count The Days [Eurodorable Recordings]

Cincinnati’s Seedy Seeds are like a baffling
discothèque. With bubbly keyboard beats and friendly voices, their
unique brand
of indie pop unexpectedly introduces banjos, accordions and country
flavor. The band began as an experiment, with Mike and Margaret
deciding in 2005 to start a
band with instruments they had never played. Perhaps that is the reason
sophomore release Count The Days,
with additional percussion by Brian, illogically combines synths with Americana
instruments to form their quirky pop tunes.

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The seemingly amphetamine-driven version of an African-American
spiritual, “My Roots Go Down” is the perfect example of their distinctive take on gospel.
The twinkly guitar trills and smooth vocals of Margaret in “Count The Days” draw
to mind The Delgados, while the toy keyboard beats and harmonies of “Losing
Light” echo The Submarines musical punch. “On the Subject Of Our Past Selves”
showcases Mike’s folksy vocals before a synthy jam sesh blasts the album into
outer space for a big climactic sing-a-long.

The Seedy Seeds is certainly an interesting mish-mash and
with their genre-bending exhilaration, it will be interesting to see what they
come up with next.

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