Fair Weather Friends EP – Daedelus

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Ever go to a party and find yourself surprised to see the quiet, smart kid tearing up the dance floor? Chances are that the latest EP from Daedelus could inspire the same reaction. This five-song single transforms the downtempo darling into a dance music don, all while retaining the qualities that make his music his own.

The title track feels like a pep rally gone overboard, with heavy drums, hand claps, and chants surrounding synthesizer melodies. “My Beau” reworks a popular Ghost Town DJs tune, chopping up the vocals over electro beats. “Hermitage” rocks out with fist-pumping energy and attitude; it’s the kind of tune that’s sure to find its way into a Soulwax DJ set.

By the time “El Subidon” reaches its euphoric techno peak, you may have to remind yourself that you’re still listening to Daedelus. The fun closes with “Bonjour,” a sexy, bouncy house number with occasional new wave nuances. Not sure where this Daedelus came from, but it would be nice if he showed up more often.