Kingdom of Fear – Shitdisco

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Once notorious for converting decrepit Glasgow tenement flats, squats, and railway tunnels into glorious anachronistic party trains, the Scottish quartet Shitdisco have adopted more conventional Rapture-like romanticism. Their debut LP boasts the same addictive rhythmic core of ultimate disco-dance party merged with a subtle punk aesthetic from which Shitdisco borders on uncontainable. Luckily, the band keeps a tight lid on disco levels, in flux monochromatic shouting that wanders with persistent hi-hat and spacey soundscapes, like Klaxons on autopilot, as in opener “I Know Kung Fu”. Only until it explodes in gritty undulations in “72 Virgins” and “Reactor Party” do we reach Shitdisco’s true height, before returning full circle to the same staccato cowbells and muffled synthesizer hat tricks.