Sensuous – Cornelius

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Sensuous‘ minimalism deconstructs Cornelius’ own avante garde tendencies. Refined by six prior albums, Cornelius uses an artillery of instruments to enhance his flair for spatial finesse, employing wind chimes, guitars, theremins, flutes, and a classic nuclear four-piece band. However, Cornelius without his spectacular visual stimulation to complement blips, beeps, subtle siren synth and reserved harmony is like a Bloody Mary without the tomato cocktail. That is, straight, overpowering vodka. The skeletal frame of this album imposes itself in such an arithmetic succession that in place of total saturation, he generates a spacey, cerebral atmosphere; the whole album is a mind-clearing exercise. Still, Cornelius is more of a supernaturally pop-friendly musician, blending prog, electronics and funk with his Japanese-Beck sensibilities.

The album winds up and slows down comfortably and contemplatively. “Scum” weaves into “Omstart,” whereas “Fit Song” seems determined to build rigid layers and “Wataridori” remains strong and distinct. “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Sleep Warm” do wonders to seep and seethe into your bones, conveying an impeccable ear for simplicity normally only found in nature’s tranquility.