Smith EP – Tokyo Police Club

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If you have been anxiously awaiting a new release from the Canadian indie rock quartet Tokyo Police Club, your thirst is about to be quenched, but only partially. The Smith EP, just under eight minutes in length is a short synopsis of their sound and energy. Of the four tracks, there's really only one new pearl, while the remaining three serve as those token rarities that long-term fans can perennially comb over. What's the point, then?

If this green-footed band has any die hard fans, the EP provides enough sustenance to hold them over til their LP with its short form, rawly wrought instrumentation and pithy lyrical charms alla “Be Good”'s “it's been a blast / we've been caught packing up the suitcase / had me a long face / get the story right / get the story right”.

Vocalist Dave Monks has a powerful front man's voice and the harmonizing accompaniments are bold. With tracks like “Box” and “Nature of the Experiment”, there are no innovations or surprises, but plenty of their signature texture and layered hooks to hang from. “A Lesson in Crime”, full of somber, soft tones and simplistic instrumentation brings a new suppleness to their small body of work.

“Be Good” offers high energy closure to the Smith EP “Be Good”. Inevitably, some will be disappointed with such a small taste of Tokyo Police Club. Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait for more.