The Parts That Showed – Viking Moses

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Coming from the extended family of Devendra Banhart could either be a selling point or a detractor assuming that association with king weird beard would translate over into your own highly divided opinions on his music.

Viking Moses does indeed boast a member of Banhart’s entourage in former bass player Barndon Massei, but don’t think they come at all close to sounding like the former Mr. Natalie Portman.

Instead, on the second release by Viking Moses (note: there is nobody in this band actually named Viking Moses), the group finds themselves telling a story from the point of view of a prostitute who uses her money to buy ice cream for children.

It’s pretty strange subject matter, but Viking Moses casts such a level eye on the scenario that they endow their characters the human qualities they deserve and make it all sound like the link between Antony and The Johnsons and Tindersticks.