The Third Hand – RJD2

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It seems like every sample-based producer of instrumentals has a choice to make at some point during their career: will they continue to perfect their cut-and-paste craft or will they take their talent into a new direction, possibly even a new genre? RJD2’s latest album almost feels like a complete 180-degree turn from his past work. With that said, The Third Hand is a self-assured release that displays his transition from DJ/producer to singer-songwriter, playing every instrument and providing all the vocals. It wouldn’t be sacrilege to call this a psychedelic pop album, although you won’t get lost in the florescent globules of a lava lamp while listening. There is a non-contemporary flair to the production that is noticeable on “Laws Of The Gods”, as the strings keep time for all other elements to follow, or the thickness in the synth sounds and the guitars on “Have Mercy.” RJD2’s drum programming is still present and lays a rolling yet solid foundation for the dramatic “Work It Out” and the head bop knock of “Beyond The Beyond.” Did you ever think you’d hear RJD2 singing about getting older and wanting to start a family? That’s the subject matter of “Just When,” one of the most accessible and well-crafted songs on the album. The Third Hand marks an impressive start to the next chapter of RJD2’s career, but can you imagine the fan base fallout that would’ve occurred had this album been released on Definitive Jux?