iron lung records

Week in Pop: Advertisement, FlygerWoods, Ghost Soda

El Mar, Her Skin, Hit Bargain, Preening, QUAL, guest selections by Dana Buoy.

Year in Pop: 2015

Select interviews & insights from 2015’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

The Best Labels of 2015

Recognizing the people who invest in the music we love.

Flesh World take more risks

The San Francisco band, featuring former members of Brilliant Colors and Limp Wrist, discuss their debut album.

Total Control Announce U.S. Tour

A rare US appearance from the diverse Australian post-punk band.

Week in Pop: Ed-Ape, Small Wigs, Tired Light

Chris Connelly, Ducktails, Flesh World, Mammút, The Sandwitches, guest selections by Bellows.

Flesh World, “Poolside Boys”

Dreamy, unrealistic beauty.

Week in Pop: DTCV, Iris Lune, The Naturalists

Brooks Brown, Cusses, Such Hounds, Superheaven, TheUse, guest selections by Sadie Dupuis.

Week in Pop: All People, Crown Larks, House of Wolves, Kinjac

Colleagues, Courtesy, Flyying Colours, Mariage Blanc, guest curated by Mannequin Pussy.

Week in Pop: Les Halles, Rachel Mason, Santiparro, So Many Wizards, Sumbu Dunia, Viktor Longo, Wes Tirey

Featuring The Bright Smoke, Galanos, Grave Pool, Lanterna, Lenparrot, Snuff Redux, & more.

Total Control, Typical System

Total Control’s sophomore record is an amalgamation, moving seamlessly through post punk, electronica, and new wave.

Total Control announce second LP

After three years since Henge Beat, the Australian post-punks have a follow-up.

Iron Lung, White Glove Test

Iron Lung will fuck you up and we think you'll like it.

Useless Children's Post Ending // Pre Completion

City dirges and total dystopia from Down Under that have nothing to do with Mad Max.

Skanfrom, Low Red Center, Total Control

We figured we'd bring it down a notch and ply you with some minimal synth jams to help soothe the palette and sharpen the mind.

iron lung records

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