Bichkraft, “Yonder”

The Kiev-based band weaving post-punk’s anxiety into new identities

Coca Leaf, “Glaze”

A supergroup if ever there was one (feat. members of Uniform, Merchandise, The Ukiah Drag, Destruction Unit AND MORE)

Soaker, “Vamp”

A haunting exercise in visual noise from a new Wharf Cat punk band

Merchandise, “Flower of Sex”

Flowers in everything

The Sound of Broken Rope, David Vassalotti’s Disappearing Act

Though the Merchandise guitarist wishes to deemphasize himself publicly, he’s urgently, palpably present on recordings.

David Vassalotti, “Ines De Castro”

The Merchandise guitarist tends to his solo catalog.

Merchandise (feat. Dum Dum Girls), “Red Sun”

New worlds built on old loves.

Merchandise and Cloakroom at Mississippi Studios

Is the merchandise table in the cloak room or nah?

Week in Pop: L.A. Girlfriend, Paw Paw, r.e.l., Stefan Jós, Yuzima

Boycrush, Double King, Main Attrakionz, Yueseddit Brothers, guest selections by Camera Shy.

Jeff Zagers, “Still Alive”

Still. Alive. Still? Alive. Still? Alive. Still?

Merchandise, Lower, and Ninos Du Brasil at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Merchandise latest record, After the End, was released in August.

The Inward Trajectory of Merchandise’s Carson Cox

As the band continues its ascension, Cox’s comfort zone remains intact.

The Best Music of August 2014

Zero space for fake trendy bullshit.

Merchandise, After The End

Merchandise might seem pop-ready on paper, but After The End sustains a deep tension.

Merchandising Merchandise

And coining a new word in the process.


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