Action Bronson, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

We are faced with two options in watching Action Bronson's video for "Strictly 4 My Jeeps". Option 1: Criticize Action, Harry Fraud, and director Jason Goldwatch for producing a "nothing-new" song/video that heavily borrows from EPMD, LL Cool J, and Redman's plus-size fly girls concept from the "I'll Be Dat" video. We lay into Harry Fraud for a 90s nostalgia of jeep music and finely dicing the sample from "Rampage". We just give it a healthy does of so-what.

Option 2: Appreciate the ever-loving shit out of this video for each criticism listed in "Option 1". We commend Action, Fraud, and Goldwatch for their fine handling of familiar touchstones from two eras in the 90s of which we never tire of revisiting. How ill was it to flip on MTV to see the debut of the latest Redman video and see what crazy antics he came up to out-do the time that chic got caught looking and doubled over a parked car? Go back even further, and "Rampage" was the jam, uniting EPMD with LL Cool J in his prime – no contest.

We're reminded of Bronson's cut from Rare Chandeliers in which he professes, "look at the game / say bitch, I deserve you" and we could not agree more. Action Bronson is not the least bit repulsed by his plus-size shakers, he's not too cool to bust out a cartwheel on the court, and he can deliver "stoned listening to Coldplay" with no trace of irony. We'll roll with Option 2.