Action Bronson, “The Symbol”

Here’s some great ridiculousness for y’all to start your week. Action Bronson has released a trailer… (Oh wait, we already got that) rather a music video for his track, “The Symbol” starring Bronson (as an Albanian coke lord) kicking ass and taking names in a tribute to 70’s sploitation/ grindhouse films.

See Action beat an abusive pimp! Watch Action fight the man! Witness Action lose to the man, know Action will kill the man, see Action be the man. Relish in straight B-flick glory. Beyond reveling in hilarious bad-acity, The Alchemist’s production and director Rik Cordero are drunk on the same decade, synched on the same page and entirely complimentary. Crack a forty. Get on this.

“The Symbol” is the first track from the upcoming Rare Chandeliers mixtape, which we’re guessing will be pretty damn good.