Al Rogers Jr, “waitin” (alldamnday)

The dynamic debut Luvadocious from Al Rogers Jr. introduced a Baltimore son born into alienation and uprisings. But a tree still grows. Produced entirely by Drew Scott of Blacksage, Luvadocious imagined distant worlds where god is female and black people no longer live in fear. It was undoubtedly the best album we heard in November of 2015.

With SXSW plans with in the works and more music on deck, Al Rogers Jr. revisits his debut with co-video director Aus Taylor in a document of the day it all came to fruition. “waitin” (alldamnday) follows Al Rogers Jr from woke to stage time on the day of his album listening party at The Crown. He’s up early with only three dollars to his name. His transportation to the show is his own two feet dressed in classic white Chucks. The Drew Scott production is a mega-loaded thump of slasher synths and paranoia that complicates Al Rogers Jr’s anxiety. He’s impatient, presumably for a girlfriend to show up. But it’s never that simple when it comes to Rogers’ music. There’s always the suspicion that that anxiety—that swooz—is more celestial and spiritual than a mere yearning for human connection.

Al Rogers Jr’s Luvadocious is out now on iTunes.